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National Workshop


Nurturing Partnerships for Developing Sustainable CSOs

 Feedback by Participants based on feedback cards




Feedback / Learning /Questions


J.K.Mehta, ALERT


      The workshop is very useful for Chief Functionary of NGO.

      How to be accountable and transparent to Society and community.

      Enhancement of organization and CEOs through fund raising

      Very fruitful workshop


AW Khan

Janpriya (U.P.)

      Very fruitful workshop

      Information Regarding Tax needs to be more elaborate

      Presentation made in the workshop useful

      Latest Amendments in the fields of NGO.




Reena Banerjee

Nav Srishiti 

      Workshop is really excellent and it has given lots     of clarity.

      Next I will make good H.R. in my  CSO.

      Now without hesitation we will also ask funds for organization.

      I will Make my CSO more accountable today


Question: Due not having any corpus fund we always struggle. Need your suggestion.






Investment of FCRA fund into FD with other bank with a motive to earn handsome interest has not been  allowed under the act as explained by the panel members of CAs

My question is whether the above explanation is by interpretation of certain provisions of the act or specified under any section of the act



      This Workshop has been good effort for making us understand the nurturing Partnership in developing   sustainable civil societies.

The following salient features I would like to note specially I have come to know are:

-CSR activities

-Fund raising

-Legal provisions under IT & FCRA Act

-Accountability & transparency towards the different stakeholders.



Nootan Kumar

      It has been acknowledged in the media, amongst policy makers, academia and even in this workshop amongst CSOs that the economic growth model simply is not resulting in the trickle- down effect as desired .To the contrary it is resulting in ever greater marginalization and widening of the gap between rich and poor.




      While CSOs are making noble efforts to fill the gap between economic policy and its consequences, what role can/should CSOs play in advocating to change/ replace the economic growth/ capitalist/ industrial economic model and policy ?

      Can/Should CSOs activate for India to step back from neo-liberal economic globalization and explore alternative economic models?

Question: for Ms. Mandakini Pant (PRIA)

         There remains a strong bias favouring Western academic scholarship over Southern academic scholarship, in terms of historical context, concepts of devt, policy approaches etc. How has this affected PRIAs efforts in collaboration with Uvic & IDS in creating space for Southern academic knowledge.         



HL Srivastava

GSS- Allahabad



            Workshop was very useful to us.

      Presentations were very educative.



Sarita  Goswami

Former Vice Prinicipal

DPS, R.K. Puram.



      Very will organized

      Meaningful sessions with ample information and insights  required to run or work for a CSO/NPO.

      Brilliant panelists charged with the zeal required for a cause like social development.

      Some star inputs were- presentations of Gen. Sandhu, Brig. Williams and Mr. Dua.




Kajal Bansal


      Very fruitful workshop.

      Most of the topics which were discussed were highly useful. At least for me as  I needed clear understanding  on them


Prashant Pandey

Program  Officer




     Brainstorming, very participatory & interactive workshop

      Best thing we came to know about best practices (case studies) developmental ICONS upcoming from same platform

     Overall content of workshop was very good especially the way all session were designed &experts.

      It will surely help us to review back about our procedures/ practices.  



Question from a Delegate

     For Mandakhani Pant

     Common issues

      What is the impact of your partnership and resultant knowledge on those who need to translate the knowledge into practical development action?

      What is the impact of your knowledge, cohesive & comprehensive on the common man?


M. S. Rana


      The national workshop on Nurturing partnership                                 for developing sustainable CSOs is very useful and       fruitful for me. There were various fruitful  sessions on    HR management, Financial  feasibility   and resource mobilization  and credibility  which will be more helpful to me and

3H Project  




Sheetal Dave, Deepalaya


      Being a new entrant in this field it was certainly a fruitful session for me with a guidance of such  senior people

      I must say the second day was much more interactive & participation was seen.

      Looking forward for such workshop in future too?




S. C. Jain (AFPRO)


      Question 1:- What makes media to select any issues. There are good examples available with regard to  addressing issue of water stress through systematic intervention, but still the conflict over the water related issues are experienced? Why it is not in priority?


      Question 2:-What strategy should be taken-up by CSOs to address issues beside the one suggested by you to engage fellow reporters?


Riddhiman Bajari (SARD)


      The program is really good.

      We got an in-depth knowledge about the partnership and resource mobilization.


Ashok Kumar , AV Baliga Memorial Trust


      Can an organization be charged for service take by funding agency                 

      Is PF mandatory to be applied in organization

      Overall very useful workshop Congratulation

      Hope we can contact you in cas of

          any organizational difficulties

Question: for all the panelists Tech. Ses. I:

What were the challenges they faced during the early years of their respective organizations and how they tackled it.



Pradeepta  Kr Nayak, Sampradaan ICP


Q (Question to Pradaan):-

      what was the thinking behind giving the name of  Pradan and how it is contributing to your vision and mission and to sustainable partnership?

Q (Question for Sad guru Foundation):-

      Has there been any contribution by your        

                  communities in your 341 community lift           

                   irrigation program ?

      What are your sources of non government support

      what challenge did you face in 1975 when      

                   worked hard and succeeded in making some

                   policy changes when the government

                   withdrew its demand that community should                                

                   contribute 50% of the project cost.


Feed Back (Name not given)

      All the session planed for the workshop are well taken care, especially resource mobilization .examples /session taken by the org. who are doing find raising on their own. Finance part  in also good .We are looking from you to have special workshop on H R related issues because it is very challenging for NGO working and sustainability point of view.


Feed Back (Name not given)

      Related all issues are very interesting and learned about all things.

      HR Issues are very much praised by sponsor.

      CSR related issue will require more discussion, but some clearance required about these things to small NGOs.

      Very-very interesting issues to sponsor relation to learn and implement at field level.




Feedback (Name not given)

      It was a wonderful two days programme. It should be conducted regularly.

      It should be more interactive.

      Participants details should be shared and an e-group formed for greater learning.

      Next session should be more focused on legal and taxation issues.

      Overall it was a comprehensive package. Still I felt that the time allotted was less as we could not focus more on the need of the speakers for more time.




Feedback (Name not given)

      Next time would be good to have session III-V,

     earlier on day one

      On day two partnership with media

      HR provides more room for actual discussion and cases.

      Very good: Papers, handouts.




Feedback (Name not given)

      Great job done by Socio Research & Reform Foundation and SMA Management Services (P) ltd.

      Hope to have more such workshops in the future.  

      Keep it up!!!!!


Feedback (Name not given)


      Formation of e- group.

      Follow up workshop on capacity building of CSOs on accounting practices and standards.

      Community engagements for audit (Within the risk of perceived  threats which were discussed by Mr.SudhirVerma.)


      Lots of working experience received.

      Last session was really useful, time was short.



C. Udayashankar


       What next?

      Plan regional workshops

      I can assist one at Hyderabad.




Feedback (Name not given)

Suggestions for future workshop:-

      More group work, energisers & participatory approach to be adopted.

An Observation for this workshop:-

      NPOs working primarily on environment, water, climate, agriculture were invited, but may be next time organizations working on health issues should also be called.

      Proposal- writing, though a vast topic, can still be covered on one of the days of the next workshop.

      After all, through proposal writing skills an NPO stands to seek business.




Feedback (Name not given)

      The workshop was very informative and useful.

      Some presentation on 18th Feb10 had not presented challenges. 

      Sustainability towards-project organization.

      Do circulate any changes in FCRA or Societies act from the Govt.

      Please keep updated to partners routine wise.

      Last session was very appreciable.

      Thanks SMA



Feedback (Name not given)


      Workshop was informative, review the current status.

      Helped to get link with like minded people.

      Circulate all feed back & address of participants Suggestions :-

      May be such workshop in-situ mode

      More funding partners may be called in the future workshop.

      Once a year such workshop   .


Feedback (Name not given)

      Workshop is very useful for CSOs as well as donors.

      More donors should be involved.

      Such type & workshop should be organized annually.


Feed Back (Name not given)

      Good initiative taken for NGOs / NPOs & CSOs conducting such type of workshop

      Very good moderators / instructors  selected for the  purpose.

      More time required for FCRA / Service tax /TDS act, ruling amendments.


Feed Back (Name not given)

      All the session planed for the workshop are well taken care, especially resource mobilization .example /session taken by the


      who are doing find raising on their own. finance part  in also good .We are looking from you to have special workshop on H R related issues because it is very challenging for NGO working and sustainability point of view.



Feed Back (Name not given)

The workshop was learning for me. Well Done.

Question :-

      With the strengthening of I. T. laws, what are the possibilities of retaining 12A & 80 G certificates for those NGOs who are not directly working on the issues of  Education, Health or other welfare activities.



P. K. Dutta (AFPRO)

      This particular workshop is focused on Nurturing Partnership for Developing Sustainable CSOs but can the organizers explore some possibilities on How the CSOs can be made sustainable, e.g. organizations like Sadguru Foundations, PRADAN or AFPRO are doing lot of good work. Our focus is on quality work, technically sound, socially acceptable and sustainable, but to do so, one organization needs good quality of staff. The administrative budget allotted in any program is always not enough. Under such situation, how to balance the quality of work or organisations reputation-this in terms of sustainability of CSOs-what we can do?



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