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Nurturing Partnerships for Developing Sustainable CSOs

Suggestions by Participants based on feedback cards





AW khan

Janpriya (U.P.)

    Another workshop again needed within six months

          & to know the progress of the participants.    


Nootan Kumar


      The theme being Sustainable  partnerships,  perhaps we can extend the notion of sustainability  to workshop logistics rather than photocopying the papers on one-side only, please consider providing double sided  copies to save paper and save trees.

      Otherwise a Fantastic Workshop, Well organized, very information and helpful



HL Srivastava

GSS- Allahabad

      System / Mechanism for maintaining communication  with partners as well as information dissemination

      Share the report of workshop with participants and  Donors, Net works also.



Sarita  Goswami

Former Vice Prinicipal



More interactive  sessions in future will promote             the areas



Kajal Bansal


      Some discussions could be more detailed                

      But I still need to go through the reading material which was distributed. May be some details could be available there, e.g. developing framework for accountability.




Prashant Pandey

Program  Officer


 Please take more  issues pertaining   to   Gross root/ small NGOs, Experience sharing  from grass root organizations.

      Kindly organize these types of workshops at  state level / Regional level so that   more relevant issues can be talked about.




M. S. Rana

 Want more information and follow up program on Resource Mobilization, financial sustainability of CSOs.



Sheetal Dave, Deepalaya


 May I please have a more clarity on the role of media ? as it was told not a possible task



Riddhiman Bajari (SARD)

I need more in depth sessions on the legal and tax related issues and what Form is needed for what purpose like 12A, 80G, and others. As I am relatively new to the field.

      I also suggest you to include the component of good proposal writing.



Ashok Kumar , AV Baliga Memorial Trust

      It needs to be followed up with more time as these two days were very packed , e-Group creation is very good idea



One of the participant (Name not given)

      We are looking from you to have special workshop on H R related issues because it is very challenging for NGO working and sustainability point of view.


One of the participant (Name not given)

      It was a wonderful two days programme. It should be conducted regularly.

      It should be more interactive.

      Participants details should be shared and an e-group formed for greater learning.

      Next session should be more focused on legal and taxation issues.

      Overall it was a comprehensive package. Still I felt that the time allotted was less as we could not focus more on the need of the speakers for more time.


One of the participant (Name not given)

      Next time would be good to have session III-V,

      earlier on day one

      On day two partnership with media

      HR provide more room for actual discussion and cases.



One of the participant (Name not given)


      Hope to have more such workshops in the future.  

      Keep it up!!!!!


One of the participant (Name not given)



      Formation of e- group.

      Follow up workshop on capacity building of CSOs on Accounting practices and standards.

      Community engagements for audit (Within the risk of perceived threats which were discussed by Mr.Subhash Mittal)


C. Udayashankar

      What next?

      Plan regional workshops

      I can assist one at Hyderabad.


One of the participant (Name not given)


Suggestions for future workshop:-

      More group work, energisers  & participatory approach to be adopted.

An Observation for this workshop:-

      NPOs working primarily on environment, water, climate, agriculture were invited, but may be next time organizations working on health issues should also be called.

      Proposal- writing, though a vast topic, can stll be covered on one of the days of the next workshop.

      After all, through proposal writing skills an NPO stands to seek business.



One of the participant (Name not given)


      Do circulate any changes in FCRA or Societies act from the Govt.

      Please keep updated to partners routinewise.

      Last session was very appreciable.



One of the participant (Name not given)


      Circulate all feed back & address of participants

      May be such workshop in-situ mode

      More funding partners may be called in the future workshop.

      Once a year such workshop   .


One of the participant (Name not given)


      More donors should be involved.

      Such type & workshop should be organized annually.


One of the participant (Name not given)


      More time required for FCRA / Service tax /TDS act, ruling amendments.


One of the participant (Name not given)



      who are doing fund raising on their own. We are looking from you to have special workshop on H R related issues because it is very challenging for   NGO working and sustainability point of view.



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