Building Responsible CSO Boards of the Future: 19th March 2016
Organised by
SRRF’s Centre for Responsible CSO Boards (CRCB)
Venue: India International Centre (Annexe), 40, Max Mueller Marg, New Delhi 110003
(09.00 Hours to 17.30 Hours)

Session - I





Technical Session

Environment in which today’s Boards function

- Contextual Settings
- What ails the Sector
- Pitfalls in conducting a Board meeting
- CEO and management of the Board
- Effectiveness of Board in managing Fiduciary Duties
-Strategic Planning

The Board Building Cycle
- Organisation life stage and Good Governance
- Considerations for formation of Board in a new NGO
- Defining the key functions of the Board beyond compliance
- Areas of Strengthening of the Board and how these could be achieved
- Identifying competency gaps on the Board
- Creating a good governance policy manual

Statutory/Legal framework within which the Board functions
Legal Role & Responsibility of a Board covering all three form of legal entities
- Differences between General Body & Governing Board
- Re-engineering the Board (covering Rotation & nomination polices & procedures)
- Incentivising the Board and legal ramifications
- Legal Compliance for Board meetings (particularly in terms of Charity Commissioner

CA Subhash Mittal





Aarti Madhusudan






Noshir Dadrawala










Session - II

Interactive Session

  • Challenges / Best Practices / Operational issues in Boards

Aarti Madhusudan
Noshir Dadrawala
Subhash Mittal
Vijay Sardana
Alka Pathak


Session - III

Panel Discussion Responsible Governance in CSOs, CSR Programs & Corporate Foundations:

Session Moderated by Prof. Rukaiya Joshi, Chairperson, Centre of Education for the Social Sector (CEdSS), S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
  • Dr. Suresh Reddy,  Director, SRF Foundation;

  • Brig. Rajiv Williams, CSR Head, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd;

  • Dr. Pradeep Chaturvedi, Vice President, Institute of Directors; and

  • Mr. S. Sandilya, President, SOS Children’s Villages of India.


Session - IV

Concluding Session - Way Forward/Workable Solutions