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SRRF Dialogue brings to attention of its members about a United States based organisation, The Miracle Foundation, which is looking for NGO Partners running children's homes for orphan children in India. The organisation provides not just financial support but endeavours to make a more sustainable impact on the lives of such children. It has developed systems which contribute in this effort by regularly monitoring health, education living care parameters of each child that it supports. The Miracle Foundation which has been working through its Indian entity Miracle Foundation India is already supporting a few homes in India.


The organisation gives a lot of emphasis on ensuring permanence in improving the lives of children that it supports and that this is done in a very legal, transparent and accountable manner. Please visit the organisationís website .Details of the work partnerships is available at


Indian NGOs who have experience in running such homes and are interested in associating with Miracle Foundation may contact Nivedita DasGupta at



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