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Aims and Objectives of the Society are as follows:-  


A.   To organise activities primarily to IMPROVE THE SOCIAL VALUES AND FABRIC of the society at large.


B.   To UNDERTAKE STUDIES AND PROJECTS, which have a social bearing on the society.


C.   To initiate, commission, coordinate and promote MEANINGFUL RESEARCH activities in social issues.


D.   To MAKE GRANTS to organisations, which undertake similar studies, research issues and undertake projects.


E.   To NETWORK, associate and coordinate with any individual and / or organisations (local, national or international) to facilitate similar projects.


F.   To undertake steps to DISSEMINATE INFORMATION by all lawful means so as to achieve the maximum awareness about such issues.


G.   To organise TRAINING PROGRAMMES, etc., to help individuals, organisations, etc. which help upliftment of the society in general.


H.   To promote AWARENESS among the society at large about issues which are socially relevant and help upliftment of the society through campaigns and other means. Removing the misconceptions and fears by bridging the information gaps.


I.     To COLLATE AND DOCUMENT DATA on socially related projects and organisations and disseminate information through various means including the internet.


The society may do all acts necessary for the achievement of the above mentioned objects including the following:-

  • To raise, solicit, obtain or accept funds for the purpose(s), support or benefit of the Society, in such a manner as the Society may consider fit, inter-alia, by way of fees, subscriptions, contributions, gifts, legacies, donations or grants in cash, kind of property whether or not subject to any special trusts of conditions from any person(s) or sources in or outside NCT of Delhi, voluntarily by issuing appeals or by holding fetes, entertainment programmes, dramatic or other performances and functions.

  • To borrow or raise, and secure repayment of money(s) in such a manner as the Society may deem fit from time to time.

  • To take gifts or to purchase, construct, take on lease/hire or otherwise acquire any property movable or immovable which may be deemed desirable for any of the purposes of the Society, and to improve, furnish and maintain, lease out / mortgage, pledge or dispose off any of such property.

  • To erect, maintain, improve or alter any building for the purpose(s) of the Society.

  • To assist, subscribe to, or cooperate or affiliate or amalgamate with any other public body whether or not, incorporated or registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, and having altogether or at par objects similar to those of this Society.

  • To sign, execute and deliver such instrument(s) and document(s) as may be necessary for the objects of the Society.

  • To acquire, purchase or take over the assets including lease hold land allotted by Delhi Development Authority or any such body, take over the liabilities including bank loans(s) of such Society or body having objects similar to those of this Society.

  • Subject to the resolution passed by the Executive Committee, the Society is authorised to amalgamate and take over all the assets and liabilities of any other Trust or Society and to run the same as a part of this Society.

  • To do all other lawful things and acts which the Society may consider incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects of this Society.