Service Tax for NGOs
20th December 2012 at India International Centre, New Delhi
(Organized by Socio Research & Reform Foundation (NGO), New Delhi)






I happy from your Service Tax Training. I am very thankful for today.

I learn today service tax.

I hope when you do in future so you invite of my organization






Sunny Jain

The YP Foundation




Workshop was really good and fulfilled the aim for which it was organized. There were many issue which we get cleared through the resource persons. It would be better if it is arranged in future for at least two days because one day is very short to discuss all these  things specially Service Tax & FCRA.




Sanjay Sharma

Accounts Officer







Many things about FCRA, service tax learnt by me in Today’s training. It was very useful for ou organization. The duration of training should be more than 2 days. Please re arrange this type of training once or twice in year region-wise.




Zahid Sherwani

Accounts officier

ASA- Bhopal





This Workshop is very useful for me and discussion point to point and several individual points.





Good Learning,


Interactive Session & Useful.


Improvement: More & more information required.






It was really a very learning session.

I came to know a lot of new things today.

Hopefully, in future also you hold such good session.



S. K. Gupta





Fist of all I am very thankful to SRRF for inviting us for attending the one-day Workshop special for service tax session taking by Mr. Deepak Bansal & Anoop Gupta.


Today we know what kind of changes & updates come in to the NGO’s sector. How useful to us.



Save The Children.





  1. Information

  2. Well-planned/organized

  3. Speakers were knowledgeable & able to handle the queries.

  4. Interesting

  5. PPT’s were knowledgeable useful We look forward to move such workshop.


Pooja Sharma

Save The Children





Good Points.

  1. Quite informative with regard to certain amendments to the already existing laws.

  2. Knowledge sharing especially incorporating daily faced issues (practical Issues) While conducting Routine finance & grants Work in the NGO.


Bad Points

  1. A room of ambiguity was still felt at the end

  2. More elaboration on less important topic (basic) & comparatively less on more important ones which needed more particular attention.





Very enriching experience. Being interactive it helped clarify many practical issues. I would look forward to such events organized by SRRF.


I specially liked the fact that the session began with introduction on service tax covering the idea behind the law. The topics were organized and dealt with in a very detailed manner.





Good Points

1.       Presenters sincerely showed effort to cover all the points and answered the deferent and varied queries

2.       Session was full of new learning and information.


Points to be Improved

Nothing Its was simply good


Jitesh Agarwal


Please mail me the does remained to be mailed by Deepak Ji (jitesh





This is very well workshop and many type new information collected and related of service tax rules are known to us, which are not known to us at before. This workshop will be very helpful under accounts department, to handle various accounts problems.



Manoj Kumar

Urmul Seemant Samity, Bajju




This Type of workshop are very useful to us, be knowing different types of rules & other amendments.

We wish, we will attend such type of workshop in future.




Urmul Seemant Samity






To be improved

  1. It can be more interactive through group discussion

Found Good

  1. Removed language  barriers.

  2. Simplicity in presentation

  3. Given focus to all the participants

  4. Given space to all for putting views/ thoughts/ Queries. Etc

Makan Singh

Action Aid




Good about this seminar:

  1. The seminar was very relevant especially lot of clarification on the implication of the service tax for NGO’s.

  2. Speakers were well prepared.

  3. All the presentation were given as hard copies.



  1. Nothing specific

  2. Please provide a bottle of water at the tables.




Good One

  1. More clarity on Service Tax.

  2. Experts/ Faculty was good.

To be Improved

  1. More clarity on service tax on reverse charges for NGO specially small NGO’s.




Good One:

  1. Well Organised

  2. Subject matter Expert Good


To Improve:

  1. Better Presentation-PPT

  2. More time for interaction

  3. Can also look at smaller groups so that interaction are better.




Good One

  1. Knowledgeably speaker


To Improve

  1. Punctuality, in the morning sessions were very late




Good One

  1. Workshop of  Service Tax was very fine. I learn more & more regarding service tax.

  2. Lecture of Anoop Gupta is very fine. We thankful for his lecture in good Manner.


Improvements / Suggestion

  1. We want to learn on PF & ESI applicable in NGO’s sector.

  2. Difference PF in NGO sector & corporate Sector




Good One

  1. The Service Tax Session was very good & will be helpful to us.

  2. New things were known on FCRA.



  1. The training was very technical & there must be some practical session along with the theoretical.

  2. The time of training was a little short.


Jaswant Kumar

Bal Vikas Dhara