2015 India Innovation Grant Program
Call for Expression of Interest (EoI)
The Citi Foundation 2015 India Innovation Grant Program will award grants to Indian NGOs employing innovative approaches to accelerate and deepen financial inclusion and empower youth through economic opportunities (skill based livelihoods), particularly through the use of technology, among low income households.

Up to INR 125 million will be provided to NGOs for supporting innovative projects that will:
Use Technology and innovative approaches to efficiently deliver services to low income households
Integrate delivery of financial education into other social systems such as education and healthcare
Improve access to finance with integrated financial capability services
Prepare youth for and connect them to economic opportunities
Focus on urban low income population
Produce positive measurable financial behavior change and the accumulation and preservation of financial assets for low income populations
How to Apply
Applicant must submit their EOIs online at www.citi.co.in/iigp.htm
Shortlisted applicants will be notified and requested to submit full proposals
Applicants will be informed individually and invited to a formal event in October 2015
To submit your EoI please visit www.citi.co.in/iigp.htm
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